Friday, September 3, 2010

Whoooosh... there went Summer!

Here it is Sept 2nd already. I can't believe how quickly summer went by. Most of me is glad, I'm not a fan of weather so hot, no one really enjoys being outside. I am hoping we will get ample use out of our yard a patio space the rest of this month before Jason takes off on his "trip"
Daniel started "School" 2 weeks ago. It's really daycare, but they do lots of educational things, art, music, etc... he goes for 2 half days a week. Which allows him interaction with other kids and me some much needed free time.

Earlier in the month, Grandma and Grandpa E. visited and we had a nice week together. We got to head down to Thanksgiving point and the beautiful gardens there. Daniel loved running around on his own and exploring... and meeting girls.

That's about it for August. Jason will be leaving this month and I will be traveling a bit this fall, so I will have lots of updates then I'm sure... here's some pics of this month...

Helping Daddy Sort through his deployment gear

First Day of School!

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Making Friends...

Hello :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rainstorms and Cameras

Sunset after the storm.

I got my new camera in the mail this week. It's a Nikon D90. I love it. Now I just wish I was back in Europe again so I had something interesting to Photograph. I know it will be greatly used on my CA / OR Road trip this Fall. In the meantime I will have to find the beauty and culture in Utah...
We had a great rainstorm this weekend, took a few shots to test out the lens, etc...

Our Little Raindancer.

After the downpour...

Drying flowers in the after-storm Sun

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SO, so behind...

I haven't posted in oh... 10 months. Sorry. We are doing well. Daniel is growing and walking and exploring everything he's not supposed to get into...
Jason is in School and only 8 classes away from his BS... then onto his Masters. He will deploying in Sept or 4 months and Daniel and I will do some traveling to see Family and Friends.
We recently changed Churches and are now at a really cool place called "The Genesis Project". Reminds me a lot of Old school Graceland, and makes me miss home a bit. :)
We haven't done any Theatre since arriving in Utah. We both miss it terribly, but know it's not really going to be part of this chapter of our life.

Here are some pics of the family and recent adventures!

8 Year Anniversary Date night!

Mother's Day

Father's Day... just realizing D wore the same shirt both times!

At Our Friend's Anna and Jeremiah's Wedding. Jason was the "Man of Honor" and I sang at the ceremony. D was with a babysitter :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Fall! I haven't blogged in forever... WAY too much stuff that really isn't that interesting.. Daniel is great, growing, trying to crawl, eating food and babbling. Here are some pics from the summer to catch you all up....

June 29th ~ Married 7 Years!!! ~ Dinner out WITHOUT baby!

Happy 1st Fathers Day!

4th of July!

Visiting Park City when Mandy and Aubrey came to town

Toes in the Grass for the first time!

Date night at the Scarlet Pimpernel! Great Show, but made us miss our Theater family!

Summer Storm Breaks outside our window

My first Mohawk :)

September is here... First Meal, he loved it!

Flying with Daddy

Pumpkin Patch

He fell asleep during the actual pumpkin picking...

My Little Pumpkin

We Dedicated Daniel at Church on Oct 25th

First Trip to the Zoo...

Family day at the Zoo and Mommy's 35th birthday!

Ok, enough for now... more soon, I PROMISE! Joline, if you read this, I love and miss you!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I can't believe it's almost the middle of May!!! I should be waddling around and nesting like crazy but as most of you know know by now baby wouldn't wait. In all actuality it was my fault. Here;s the whole story..
About week 32 of my pregnancy, I began to develop preeclampsia ( high blood pressure created by the pregnancy, NOTHING to do with the diabetes) they watched me for about 2 weeks with the Doc telling me that if it got worse or should begin to effect my liver and or kidneys, they would deliver Daniel. Well, I made it 2 weeks and on Tuesday April 14th I went in for a "checkup" and got sent to the hospital to be admitted for bed rest and close observation. By Friday afternoon the protien in my system had doubled and the blood pressure was effecting my liver, ot to mention I was retaining about 20 lbs of water so off to Labor and Delivery I went.
They started me on Pictocin and labor was going very well. Contractions, breathing, epidural, etc., etc. but after about 7 - 8 hours of labor, Danel started to get tired and his heart rate started to drop after each contraction so the decided that it would be better for him to deliver via c-section. So we waited another hour or so and off to surgery I went.
Jason was with me the whole time and it was surprisingly quick. Daniel Henry Emanuele ( We know he's going to hate us, bt all the names meant somethng to us) was born on Saturday April 18th at 2:18am. He weighed 4lbs and 12 oz and measued 18 inches long. Jason went with him to get cleaned off and check his vitals while I got sewn back up.

Just a few minutes old

SO tiny

Daniel and Daddy

He had some minor issues since he was so young. They put him on oxygen for about 3 days and he had some antibiotics till his heart was running solid. Then it was just up to him to get stronger and learn to eat.
I stayed in the hospital for another 4 days and was sent home. Daniel stayed in NICU for almost 3 weeks. I went back to the hospital for the last 4 days of his stay and "roomed in" with him to test run his eating ability. He came home with us May 6th.

Looking good and finally wire free!

All strapped in and ready to go!

Relaxing with Daddy on the Couch, it's good to be home!

It was a bit of a rough start for him, but we are all home and adjusting and doing well. We had our first Doctor apt today and he is doing great, eating and growing quckly ( 5lbs 7 oz today!) Life at home is adjusting, I'm learning to operate on 4 hours sleep :)

Already a Zoolander fan, practicing Magnum!

Jason has been AMAZING with taking him in the afternoons so I can get some stuff done around the house and have some time for me! Today I'll start planting all the beautiful plants I got for our front yard. I'm looking forward to getting outside in the beautiful weather.

Thank you to all our friends and family for the love support and prayers through all of this! Hope you all had a beautiful Easter and are enjoying spring!

Love, the Baz Fam!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Very Busy March!

Well, here it is the end of March! Jason and I have had a super busy month, but it's been productive! On March 4th Jason tested for Master Sergeant, we won't know if he made rank until June or July, so stay tuned for updates on that! On the 5th we flew out to CA to pick up my truck and spend a few short days with family and friends! It was awesome to see so many friends and spend time with my parents. We were also blessed with a baby shower! Daniel will be a very well dressed baby! We drove back all day on the 10th. took us 12 hours and 45 minutes! Sounds long, but it was beautiful and went quickly. On the 12th our furniture and stuff finally showed up! We are SO excited to be sleeping in our bed again! Unpacking is going pretty slow as I'm not as energetic and agile as normal, but it's keeping me busy!
Last week we had another check up with the Doctor. Baby Daniel finally decided to show us his face!!! He is without a doubt the best looking baby we have ever seen and we were thrilled that he was fairly cooperative throughout the ultrasound. As far as the cyst that they found in the back of his brain, we found out after an MRI in late February that it is a very rare "Blake's Pouch" which is essentially a benign cyst that won't interfere with anything, so we praise God for that!
Spring is here and it's wonderful to get some warmer temps and sunshine here. I can't wait till summer once baby is born and we can start creating our backyard, grilling and gardening!
I'm off to unpack some more boxes!

Enjoying the Ocean!

Daniel will have a great playmate :)

Bump on a Log!

Baby Shower Fun!

How big am I?!?!

Gift from Grandma Baziotis!

Unpacking joy!

Here I look like Mommy but...

Here I look like my Daddy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Busy January... Dedicated to Joline...

Ciao Friends and Family! A lot has happened since my last post. On January 20th Jason and I became the proud owners of a mortgage payment... oh and house! We got the keys on the 21st and had a busy of new fridge, washer & dryer, carpet cleaners and deep cleaning maid service. In the first week we started to learn all the fun "surprise" things about owning a home. Like "how does this work? who do we call? What does this do? Oops, I think I broke it..."
So, now we have a big, beautiful home...and no furniture. We are still waiting on our shipment of household goods. Hopefully they will be here within the next 2 weeks. The base provides a "loan locker" so we have the basics..some kitchen stuff, an air matress, etc. And we have our laptops, bought a TV and we have cable, so we are surviving. My "nesting" is starting to kick in though so hopefully we will have stuff soon!!!!

Our New Home

Our adorable Real Estate Agent, Heather greeted us with balloons and a sign when we met her for the keys

Jason taking down the "For Sale"Sign!

The dining room window is just the right height for Samson to scope out the backyard through the window.

We are also awaiting the arrival of my truck in California, which will give us an opportunity to visit family and friends in Gilroy & Santa Cruz for a few short days at the end of the month.

In the mean time, my belly is growing! I'm now 25 weeks along. Daniel enjoys kicking me and doing random tumbling anytime between 12 and 7 am. He is looking 95% perfect on our ultrasounds. The doctors have found a small spot in the back of his brain (very back of the skull). they have offered a few "maybe it's this" statements, but in all honesty, they can't tell. We are scheduled for a fetal MRI on Feb 17th so please be in prayer that whatever it is is minor or nothing at all.

Our camera is dying, so pics are blurry. but you get the idea!

24 weeks and growing!

Jason is back to work after some time off settling in. Since he started officially "working" he has worked swing shift, days, 12 hour shifts, a weekend and through an exercise... in 2 weeks he'll take over the day shift as shift supervisor. He has been working hard, making a good impression and I am very proud of him! He has also been studying his boot off as he will be testing for Master Sergeant soon.

As for me, I'm spending a lot of time reading, trying to put the house together where I can and taking care of me and baby. I went to the overwhelming "babies"r"us" store this weekend and started out registry for Daniel... it's amazing all the stuff something so small needs to start life.

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! The dream is complete!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying warmer weather than we are. It's not horrible, but I can't wait for spring so I can start my garden!
Really cold morning after some rain...

Ciao Ciao!!!